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April 11, 2017


12 NOON: Open Highway Materials Bids

1) Open Meeting

2) Pledge of Allegiance

****Kim Terpenning - Tunis Lake/Road Issue

3) Approval of the March Town Board Meeting Meeting minutes

4) Approval of the bills

5) New Business:
A) Highway material bid awards
B) Margaretville Telephone Company - Broadband
C) Next Step to adopt new zoning regulations
D) Annual Water Quality Report - on file with Town Clerk
E) Post Office Clerk resignation

6) Advisor Reports:
     Highway: Tom Hilson
     Finance: Evelyn Stewart-Barnhart
     Buildings: Tina Mole'
     Playground/Transfer Station: Mark Rossley
     Planning Board Liaison: Marni Greenberg

7) Highway Superintendent Report/Concerns

8) Community Concerns

9) Adjourn


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