Bovina Bicentennial
July 30 & 31, 2022

The Town of Bovina was created on February 25, 1820 by an act of the state legislature. Plans are well underway to celebrate this anniversary in 2020. The celebration started with a birthday party at the community hall on the town's actual birthday, Tuesday, February 25, at 6 pm. Over eighty people attended, with lots of food and a Bovina birthday cake made by Lisa Stanton.

Due to the ongoing Pandemic, we have decided to once again postpone Bovina’s Bicentennial celebration and reschedule it for the summer of 2022. When we postponed the 2020 celebration and rescheduled it for the summer of 2021, we thought we might be on the other side of the pandemic by then. Unfortunately, that does not seem realistic at this time. By moving the celebration to the summer of 2022, we hope to substantially increase our chances of being able to have it without the restrictions of the pandemic. We know this will be disappointing news to many, but it is the better option rather than going through all the work for a celebration in 2021 only to have to cancel it once again. Rescheduling to 2022 will allow us to have the grand celebration that Bovina so richly deserves.


The big celebration will take place the weekend of July 30 & 31, 2022. The venue will be McIntosh's flat next to the creamery. The tentative schedule for July 30 will include:

o Parade - 10 am (floats will be on display throughout the afternoon)
o Food/vendors under the tent - starting at noon
o Children's games - afternoon
o Butter making demonstration
o Blacksmith demonstration
o Spinning demonstration
o Vintage baseball game - 2 pm
o Evening music program - 7 pm

On Sunday, July 31, we will have a potluck community picnic under the tent to wrap up the weekend.


We will be looking for floats and other entries for the parade (antique cars, bicycles, horses, anything parade worthy). Parade entry rules will be posted in due course.


We also will have a photo contest, focusing on sharing historic photos of Bovina - people, events and places. The rules will be posted in due course.


To mark Bovina's bicentennial, a group of our community's knitters are making an afghan to be donated to the town. The project involves 30 knitting squares, each in a different pattern. It's brought a group of folks together, some for the first time. The knitting crew includes: Christine Batey, Jan Bray, Linda Dunne, Lori Glavin, Peg Hilson, Susan Muther, Sangeeta Pratap, and Susan Yelavich, who is coordinating the project.

If you are interested in helping or wish to provide financial support, please contact Ray LaFever at 607-832-4609 or at We are going to need volunteers to help with the planning and during the big celebration day. Join us in celebrating this milestone for the Town of Bovina.

Town of Bovina Bicentennial Posters - Painting of ‘Brushland’ – 1888 by Jack Elliott

Large – 18 x 24 - $60 each
Small – 12 x 18 - $15 each

All proceeds to benefit the Town of Bovina Bicentennial Fund. Make checks out to “Town of Bovina”
Contact Ray LaFever for further information.


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